What the heck is going on with the LA Galaxy?

The Los Angeles Galaxy have been shut out for the past 3 games in a row.
Photo by: Michael Janosz

SANTA MONICA – Another game came and went for the LA Galaxy, and chances are with it, so too did their already unlikely hope to make the playoffs this season. Sunday’s 3-0 loss against the San Jose Earthquakes marked the LA Galaxy’s 10th winless game in a row. It is their third straight match of being shut out and the fans are not pleased

So what is going on with the Los Angeles Galaxy? Their roster is filled with talented players, yet they just cannot seem to take home a win. There are a large variety of factors that could contribute to their inability to perform effectively. They switched coaches midseason, they lost their team caption Jelle Van Damme, they have had several injuries, and they their team is filled with rather young players. However, all of these, except for having a youthful roster, happened during their losing streak, not before. So is the root of the problem just a lack of teamwork and inability to work together efficiently? Maybe, having a young team coupled with a lack of experience is the reason for their lackluster performance.

To make matters worse, fans have reported lower turnouts and less support for the Galaxy. A lack of support from the fans likely only makes a bad situation more grim.

While, things are not looking great for the Los Angeles Galaxy, and making it to the playoffs seems near impossible, there is a slight chance if the Galaxy plays essentially perfect in their remaining games that they could move on.

Next up, they will face Colorado on Saturday at 8:00.

Photos by ISI.