The LA Galaxy loses to Columbus, 0-2

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The LA Galaxy currently have the longest winless streak in the MLS, having gone 9 games in a row without taking home a victory. This game against Columbus also marked the Galaxy’s first game without their old caption Jelle Van Damme. That, combined with a few unlucky calls, and relatively few shots on goal lead the Galaxy to lose to Columbus 2-0 on Wednesday.

Things started on a bad note for the Galaxy, when Cole was given a red card just 16 minutes into the game.

Then, about halfway through the first half the LA Galaxy found the back of the net. The goal, however, was called offsides and the score remained 0-0.

It was looking like it was still going to be scoreless at the half, until, one minute before the first half ended, Kamara slid the ball into the back of the net, putting Columbus up, 1-0.

Both teams tried to score for the duration of the second half, with little success.  Then, just minutes before the match ended, Columbus scored for a second time and solidified their win.  It was in minuet 90, that Meram kicked the ball over the goalkeepers head and into the top corner of the net, giving Columbus a 2-0 lead and winning the match.

Next, the LA Galaxy will take on San Jose on Sunday at 4:00, while Columbus Crew SC will face FC Dallas on Saturday at 4:30.

This game marks the 9th time in a row that the Galaxy has walked away from a game without a win.
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