Getting to know the head coach of Club Tijuana, Andrea Rodebaugh

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Andrea Rodebaugh is the head coach of club Tijuana.
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TIJUANA/ SANTA MONICA- Rodebaugh, the head coach of Club Tijuana, which is a part of the new Liga MX Femenil, has long been a member of the soccer community. She played college soccer at UC Berkeley and then achieved her dreams by going overseas and starting a professional career. She talked with CONCACAF all about her history with the sport of soccer and where she thinks it is headed in Mexico.

“To play professionally was a dream come true. It was an important moment in my life because initially I did not think it was possible, but in the end I was able to go to Japan and play professionally” she told CONCACAF. However, she didn’t stop there, she also achieved “another dream…being able to play in a Women’s World Cup,” she added. Now that Rodebaugh has retired from professional play and transitioned into coaching, she has the ability to help other young woman achieve their dreams, and that is precisely what she is doing in the New Liga MX Femenil.

Rodebaugh, proud of the opportunities this new league fosters, feels “it provides an environment for an elite player to train and play regularly,” she told CONCACAF. “It will increase the level of play,” by giving the players “qualified coaching and…provid[ing] a structure that currently does not exist,” she continued.

However, more than just that, this league offers an opportunity to players beyond just going pro. Now, through this league, “players can see that there are possibilities to stay in football after their playing career,” she said to CONCACAF, feeling it will open more doors and “it will attract colleagues and will server as a source of motivation,” she concluded.

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