Portland Thorns come back from behind to tie Boston Breakers 2-2

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The Boston Breakers tied the Portland Thorns 2-2 on Friday
Photo by: Mike Gridley

After a tough fought game on both sides on Friday night, The Boston Breakers tied the Portland Thorns 2-2.

There was quite a bit of action at the beginning of the game, however, no one was able to get the ball into the net until the 38th minute.  It was then that Adriana Leon of the Boston Breakers kicked the ball towards the goal and Natasha Dowie knocked it in.  Then, not long into the second half, the Breakers were at it again.  Rosie White headed the ball into the goal in the 48th minute, giving the Breakers a 2-0 lead. At this point, it wasn’t looking very promising for the Thorns, however, they had a lot of fight left in them.

In the 57th minute the Thorns started their comeback when Nadia Nadim scored, giving them their first goal of the game. However, one goal was not good enough for Nadim, and in the 83rd minute she scored once again, tying the game up 2-2. In the end, the Thorns pulled off an impressive comeback, but Boston Breakers coach Matt Beard was less than thrilled. “It was frustrating. We were in complete control of the game,” said Beard in a press release. “We created enough changes to win two games tonight. It’s so frustrating on my end because I think we should’ve got three points last week and three points tonight. But credit to Portland. They kept going.”

However, both teams will get another shot at each other next week on May 27th at 7:00  The Portland Thorns once, again will play the Boston Breakers, but who will come out victorious?

Nadia Nadim scored 2 goals and tied the game up for the Portland Thorns.
Photo by: Andrew Katsampes

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