New York City FC beats Minnesota United FC 3-1

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SANTA MONICA – New York City decisively beat Minnesota United on Thursday, however, the game actually started with Minnesota United scoring the first goal.

Just 9 minutes into the game Miguel Ibarra took a shot from far out.  The goalie got his hands on the ball, but just not well enough.  As the ball rolled a little bit, Christian Ramirez got his foot on it and chipped it over the goalie, giving Minnesota an early lead.

Unfortunately for Minnesota, that was the only goal they scored all game.

It took New York City FC until minute 38 to equalize the game.  It was then, that Alexander Callens kicked a close range shot into the back net and tied the game up.  The match was tied up 1-1 at the half.

New York City came back with a fire after the half.  In minute 52, Jack Harrison received a cross and headed the ball into the goal, making the score 2-1.  Then, just 11 minutes later, New York City made their lead even more decisive.  In minute 63, David Villa made his way past several defenders and shot the ball into the far left corner of the net.  This was  the last goal of the match, giving New York City FC a 3-1 lead over Minnesota United.

Next NYC FC will take on Vancouver on July 5 at 7:00 and Minnesota United will face Columbus on July 4th at 4:00.

Christian Ramirez scored the first goal of the match just 9 minutes in.
Photo by:  Jeremy Olson

Photos by ISI.

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