Montreal comes back with end of game goal to tie Sporting KC, 1-1

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Matteo Mancosu scored in minute 82 and tied the game up 1-1 for Montreal.
Photo by: Michael Janosz

SANTA MONICA – In a last minute goal, the ninth place team in the Eastern Conference, Montreal, managed to tie the first place team in the Western Conference, Sporting KC, 1-1 on Saturday.

Sporting KC was up for most of the game. It started in minute 24 when Ilie Sanchez passed the ball off to Gerso who then scored, putting Sporting KC up 1-0. They managed to hold off Montreal for the majority of the game, but towards the end of the second half, Montreal slowly started getting more and more chances. Montreal then got really close in minute 76, when Oduro closed in on goal, however, he was then called offside.

Then, just 6 minutes later, Mancosu came to the rescue for Montreal, tapping the ball into the back of the net in minute 82. This tied up the game 1-1. However, just 4 minutes later Chris Duvall got a red card putting Montreal 1 man down and giving Sporting KC an advantage. Regardless, no one was able to score in the remaining minutes and the game ended in a 1-1 tie.

Next, Sporting KC will take on Minnesota United on Wednesday at 5:30 in the fourth round of the U.S. open cup. Montreal will face off against Orlando City on Saturday at 4:30.

Gerso Fernandes scored the first goal of the game in minute 24 for Sporting KC.
Photo by: Bill Barrett

Photo by ISI.

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