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The USMNT soars to a 2-0 victory over El Salvador in the Quarter-finals

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SANTA MONICA – After a knockout 3-0 performance in their last game, the USMNT defeated El Salvador in the quarter finals of the Gold Cup and will now move onto the semifinals.

Although the USMNT added five regulars to their roster for this quarterfinal match, they still looked a little shaky as the game kicked off. The first half remained scoreless minute 41. It was then, that Gonzales headed the ball just over the goalkeepers head and into the back of the net, giving the USMNT a much needed 1-0 lead.

Then, just 6 minutes later the USMNT was back at it again.  In the second minute of stoppage time just before the first half ended, Dempsey passed the ball to Lichaj who kicked it through the goalkeeper’s legs.  This was his first ever career goal for the USMNT, and put the US up 2-0.

The rest of the game was pretty quiet on the scoring front, however, there still was some pretty interesting action.  In minute 58, Henry Romero appeared to let the frustration of the game get to his head.  He bit Jozy Altidore’s shoulder and twisted his nipple. Despite all this, the USMNT stayed relatively calm and kept their 2-0 lead for the remainder of the game.

Later today Jamaica will play Canada at 4:30, and Mexico will face Honduras at 7:30 in their quarter-final matches.  The USMNT will be taking on Costa Rica on Saturday at 7:00 for their semi-final match.

Omar Gonzalez scored the first goal of the match with a header into the back of the net.
Photo by: Brad Smith

Photos by ISI.

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