Mexico beats Honduras, 1-0, in the Gold Cup quarter-final

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SANTA MONICA -Mexico has historically wowed in the Gold Cup, this year, however, they have had their fair share of struggles.  From having their head coach on suspension, to not taking many of their top players to the tournament, Mexico has not been in their finest form. Despite this, they have shown they still have enough raw talent to have make it past the quarter-finals.  On Thursday, they beat Honduras, 1-0, to secure a place in the semis.

Mexico came out of the gate strong, securing an early lead within the first few minutes of the match.  In minute 4, they showed great teamwork passing the ball around several times in front of Honduras goal line.  Eventually, the ball made its way to Pizarro who punched it into into the right corner of the net.  This would be the only goal scored during the entire match.

Although Mexico was able to hold onto their 1-0 lead and move onto the next stage of the Gold Cup, they looked a little bit different from the top squad they have been in the past. Aside from their one goal, they got very few few promising chances.

Mexico will take on Jamaica in the Gold Cup semi-finals on Sunday at 6:00.

Pizarro scored the only goal of the match and led Mexico to a 1-0 victory.
Photo by: German Alegria

Photos by ISI.

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