Ronaldo reveals his desire to leave Madrid

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Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates his fifth championship with Real Madrid.

SANTA MONICA —  Cristiano Ronaldo spoke too soon. According to reports in Portugal, the Real Madrid star forward expressed his discontentment and desire to leave the team.  Naturally, it spread like wild fire, appearing on the front page of Diario Record under the headline “Ronaldo will leave Real — Irreversible decision.”

However, Ronaldo recanted later in and interview saying, “Maybe it wasn’t the perfect timing to talk about personal things…When you are honest, sometimes you say things that you don’t mean to.”

Ronaldo’s, Bernabeu contract binds him to Madrid until 2021. It’s suggested he reached this conclusion due to status and unkept promises as well as a promised raised after the 2016-17 Champions League campaign which never came.

“But it’s something that has been a long time coming.” Ronaldo continued in the interview.

The top tier scorer refuses to talk about his future with Madrid for the time being, telling reporters “I don’t want to take this top moment from Real Madrid.” He believes he misspoke after the championship game and that it wasn’t “the right moment to talk…about the future.”

Ronaldo prepares to head out to compete in the World Cup with Portugal’s National Team who will compete in Group B alongside Spain, Morocco and Iran. Portugal kicks off its opener again Spain on Friday, June 15, at 11 a.m. PT.

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