Gold Cup kicks off: Canada and Costa Rica take the first wins

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SANTA MONICA – The Gold Cup officially kicked off yesterday when Canada took on French Guiana. Then, just a couple hours later, Honduras faced Costa Rica. The winners: Canada came out on top, beating French Guiana 4-2, while Costa Rica beat Honduras 1-0.

First up, Canada played French Guiana. Jakovic really got the game started in minute 28 when he tapped the ball into the net and put Canada up 1-0. Then, Arfield gave Canada another goal at the very end of the first half, rebounding the ball off a defender and finding the back of the net.

The second half started and Canada was back to dominating the match. Davies gave them an even stronger lead in minute 60. He received the ball at about midfield, broke away from French Guiana’s defense, and kicked the ball through the goalkeepers feet into the back of the net.

At this point, with Canada up 3-0, French Guiana finally kicked it into high gear. In minute 69, Roy Contout headed the ball into the net off a corner kick and gave French Guiana their first goal. Then, just a minute later, they got their second one. Canada’s goalkeeper deflected the original shot from Abelenti. However, Abelenti recovered it, lightly crossed it to to Privat who put it away in the back of the net.

After scoring two goals in a matter of moments, French Guiana was back in the game, trailing by only one goal. Unfortunately for them, Canada got the next and final goal of the match. It was Davies, yet again, who received the ball on a cross and slid it into the back of the net, giving Canada a decisive 4-2 win.

Then, Costa Rica took on Honduras. Although Honduras got a few chances early in the game, Costa Rica got the first and only goal of the match in minute 39. Rodney Wallace crossed the ball to Marco Urena who redirected it into the corner of the net.  Despite their best efforts, Honduras was never able to equalize, and Costa Rica came out the victor.

It was an eventful first day of the Gold Cup, however, these games weren’t the only thing that had fans buzzing. FIFA announced that the Mexican soccer team, the current favorites to win the tournament, would have to play the next 6 games without head coach Juan Carlos Osorio. Osorio received a 6 game suspension for reportedly insulting side officials during Mexico’s final match in the Confederations Cup.

Next up, the USA will play Panama later today at 1:30, and Martinique will face Nicaragua at 4:00.

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