Ashlyn Harris avoids suspension

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SANTA MONICA – It’s always the goalkeepers. While it used to be Hope Solo taking the lime light, Ashlyn Harris stole the show during Saturday night’s game, appearing to throw Seattle forward Jordi Taylor on the ground.

While the footage of Harris hooking Taylor and appearing to toss her down never initially aired, fans caught the clip in the after game highlights on go90.com, causing the clip to spread on social media. Many fans asking for disciplinary actions against the keeper for the incident in question.

While one cannot tell the intentions of Harris’s actions, it has concerned the NWSL disciplinary board to evaluate the clip. Upon review of the clip, the board announce Tuesday afternoon that Harris would not receive a suspension and would be allowed to play in Wednesday night’s game, according to prosoccerUSA.

While some fans are happy about the results and simply Harris avoiding collision, many have a problem with Harris reaction following the collision and disagree with the boards decision. While cannot be clear, fans question why Harris showed no remorse after avoiding stepping on Taylor.

However, despite not receiving a suspension, Harris has been listed as questionable for tonight’s game against the Red Stars tonight at 4:30 p.m.

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