LA Galaxy beats Montreal 2-0: is this the beginning of the new LA Galaxy?

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Carson, CA – April 7, 2017: The Los Angeles Galaxy defeated the Montreal Impact 2-0 in a Major League Soccer (MLS) game at StubHub Center.
Photo by: Michael Janosz

LOS ANGELES- The LA Galaxy came back from a big loss last week, beating Montreal Impact 2-0 Friday night. This gives the Galaxy their first win at home, hopefully the first of many.

The continually improving Romain Alessandrini showed, once again, just how valuable he is.  He scored his third MLS goal, giving the Galaxy a 1-0 lead just 15 minutes into the game. Jermaine Jones then finished Montreal off by scoring a second goal for The Galaxy in the 74th minute.

Despite a rocky beginning of the season, the LA Galaxy is showing signs of vast improvements. However, they still have some work to do because in these fiercely competitive games, there really isn’t room for mistakes.   “This is a hard league and the difference between winning and losing is a play or two. It’s slight. And last week it was a one-minute lapse where we just blew the game,” coach Curt Onalfo said in a press release, feeling that if they had just, “defended better for one minute, this week would have been much different because we would have been 2-2 going into this game,”

However, it seems the LA Galaxy is learning for their mistakes and “getting this win…gives us confidence,” Onalfo said. He continued to breed hope for the future, saying, “I thought we worked extremely hard, I thought we moved the ball well. I thought we were dangerous the entire game and that’s two games in a row where I feel like we were dangerous going forward. Those are positive signs. Nothing comes easy and we just have to keep improving and keep getting better and keep building on this and the momentum that we just gained from this win.”

So, the question lingers: is this game the beginning of the new LA Galaxy, or will they continue to make costly mistakes ? With two wins under their belt and their group of new players growing with experience and learning how to work together, we might be just starting to see the true talent they have.

Only time will tell.  Next, the LA Galaxy will take on Orlando on Saturday, the 15th.

Carson, CA – April 7, 2017: Jermaine Jones scores a late goal, giving the LA Galaxy a 2-0 win over Montreal.
Photo by: Michael Janosz

Photos by ISI.

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