FC Dallas shuts down Ibrahimovic and Galaxy

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SANTA MONICA – While Zlatan Ibrahimovic led the Galaxy to victory at one point,  he was small potatoes against FC Dallas. Dallas, who left the Galaxy in the dust as it held tightly onto its 3-2 victory over LA until the Center Referee blew the final whistle.

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Everyone knows Ibrahimovic makes things happen for the Galaxy. He finds the holes and worms his way into the box, uncontested, unguarded, and unchallenged. However, someone from FC Dallas was always in Ibrahimovic’s way – even when he was in the middle of the field. The battle Ibrahimovic and the Galaxy fought against FC Dallas may not have been one of glory but one of excitement and intensity that had been highly anticipated this season.

The Galaxy seemed to grow ever frustrated as they watched shot after shot hook, shank, curve, of sail over the goal. Meanwhile, the Texans wasted no time and booted in a pair of goals of their own prior to halftime, leaving the Galaxy to wander into the locker room with a significant amount of pressure.

While each team possessed the ball equally throughout the match, Dallas was the one who stepped up to make sure their shots were on target. While the Galaxy recorded 19 shots for the night, Dallas went 4 for 10, scoring 75 percent of their shots on goal.

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Dallas defense was just as good, forcing 16 of the Galaxy’s 19 shots off target and held LA to 3-2 on the night. Dallas moves to 4-4-1 on the season and third in the Western Conference standings just behind LAFC.

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