Atlanta United beats Columbus Crew 3-1

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Atlanta United won their third straight game at home with a 3-1 victory over Columbus Crew SC.
Photo by: Perry McIntyre

SANTA MONICA – Atlanta United beat Columbus Crew decisively on Saturday night, 3-1.  This is their third home game win in a row.

The scoring began 16 minutes into the game when Yamil Asad got possession of the ball and passed it to Tito Villalba in front of the goal.  Villalba then put the ball in the far back post of the net, giving Atlanta a 1-0 lead over Columbus Crew.  Although, just 10 minutes later, Federico Higuian scored for Columbus Crew and tied the game up 1-1.

Head coach of Atlanta United, Tata Martino, however, was proud of how Atlanta played between those two goals. “I thought we played well in between those two goals. I think it’s important for us to understand in what moments when we have to press and when we have to fall back,”  Martino said in a press release.

The second half started with the two teams tied 1-1, and both teams fought to get a second goal.  In minute 67, Atlanta United did just that.  Leandro Gonzales Pirez sent the ball down to Miguel Almiron who moved in closer to the goal before sliding the ball past several defenders and into the side post of the goal.  This gave Atlanta a 2-1 lead.

Despite Columbus’ best efforts, it was Atlanta who got the next and final goal of the game.  In the 88th minute, Martinez slammed the ball into the top of the net, and the game ended with Atlanta getting a 3-1 victory over Columbus Crew.

Atlanta United FC on Twitter: “☑️ 3 Goals☑️ 3 Points ☑️ 3 Straight wins at homeWhat a night. #UniteAndConquer / Twitter”

☑️ 3 Goals☑️ 3 Points ☑️ 3 Straight wins at homeWhat a night. #UniteAndConquer

Next, Atlanta United will take on DC United on Wednesday at 4:30, and Columbus Crew SC will face Montreal on Saturday at 4:30.

Miguel Almiron got the game winning goal for Atlanta United.
Photo by: Perry McIntyre

Photos by ISI.

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