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US WNT U17 head coach B.J. Snow believes in his team

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B.J. Snow US U17WNT head coach IB

St. George’s, Grenada — U.S. U17 WNT head coach, B.J. Snow.

St. George’s, Grenada — The U17 U.S. Women’s National team will play against Jamaica today at 3:30 pm local,  2:30 pm EST.  This will be the first match for each team for this tournament.

Yesterday, U.S. head coach, B.J. Snow, told IMSoccer staff that his team was ready for the tournament and he expected the team to perform well.  Most recently, the WNT U17 team won the 2016 Women’s NTC Invitational in Carson, California.  The U.S. team defeated England, Korea, and Japan to remain the Champions for the third year in a row.

While most of Snow’s players aren’t seasoned professionals yet – because of their age, Snow believes that the international play and experience the team has recently gathered will take them a long way during the tournament here in Grenada.  “I feel good about this team and their preparation,”  Snow said. “This is a team we want to invest in for the long term”

The Jamaican team will be sure to represent the best of the Caribbean as forwards Chavelle Henry and Monique Perrier will bring all their speed and finesse against the Yanks from up North.

Regarding yesterday’s match play, the skill level between the tournament teams is already evident.  Canada easily defeated Guatemala with a score 0 – 3 while Haiti trounced the Grenadian hosts with a final score of 0 – 13.  One local in Grenada told me that social media is on fire after the teams poor showing.  He added that the poor showing may keep many Grenadians from going to the remaining Grenadian matches.  Grenada play Canada tomorrow at 3:30 PM local.

Watch the exclusive interview with U.S. head coach, B.J. Snow here.

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