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Mallory Pugh leaving UCLA and going pro

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Mallory Pugh has been playing for the USWNT since 2016
Photo by: Brad Smith

Incredibly talented 18-year-old Mallory Pugh decided earlier this year that she was going to hold off on going pro in favor of attending UCLA. Despite the NWSL wanting her, specifically the Portland Thorns, she began at UCLA and was all set to start playing with their soccer team.  However, before playing even one game, Pugh has changed her mind and decided to go pro.

The Washington Spirit technically would have the first chance at signing her in the NWSL, but her ending up there is unlikely. She could easily be traded to a different team, or perhaps, Pugh could not end up in the United Sates at all.  She might instead go abroad.  Reports from Sports Illustrated show that she might be leaning towards the Portland Thorns if she stays in the states, or that she might go abroad to play in France. 

The future team Pugh will play on is uncertain, but one thing is sure: it will be a pro one.

Pugh will leave UCLA before playing a game to go pro.
Photo by: Mike Lawrence

Photos by ISI.

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