Cristiano Ronaldo set to testify in court on July 31st

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Ronaldo is being accused of defrauding Spanish authorities of close to €15 million.
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SANTA MONICA – Cristiano Ronaldo, known worldwide for his superior soccer ability and million dollar endorsements, was accused last week of tax evasion.

He was accused of allegedly defrauding Spanish authorities of close to €15 million.  Now, his court date has been scheduled and Ronaldo is set to testify in court on July 31st.  At that date a judge will rule whether or not there is sufficient evidence to charge Ronaldo.

These allegations have had a large impact on the international soccer star who, according to a source at ESPN FC, has expressed interest in leaving Real Madrid and Spain altogether in the midst of these accusations.  However, Ronaldo himself has not spoken publicly about a desire to leave.  He has been with Real Madrid since 2009, and is currently supposed to join them on Madrid’s U.S. tour, which will fall right around the time of his court date.

Ronaldo, who is currently in Russia playing in the Confederations Cup, joins many other soccer stars who have been accused of tax evasion. Messi, Neymar, and Alexis Sanchez have all been found guilty of tax fraud.

Next, Ronaldo will be focused on Portugal’s game against Russia at the Confederations Cup, tomorrow at 8:00 AM Pacific Time.

In the midst of these allegations, Ronaldo is in Russia playing for Portugal at the Confederations Cup.
Photo by: Kieran McManus

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